Brim Electronics, Inc. 

BRIM Electronics, Inc.
120 Home Pl.       Lodi, NJ 07644
Phone: 201-796-2886      Fax: 973-778-2792

BRIM Electronics, Inc. manufactures and markets electronic and electrical wires
and cables, including retractile cords and shielded braiding, electronic and industrial
tubings and sleevings including shrinkable tubings, fastening devices, electronic plugs
and jacks, and porcelain and steatite ceramic insulators. 

BRIM also performs secondary manufacturing activities, such as wire and cable dying
and striping, cutting, cutting and stripping, crimping, harness/cable assemblies, hot
stamping/tubing markers, and hot tinned dipping.

Wire and cable products include miniature and sub-miniature, high voltage and high
temperature, flexible and ultra-flexible, commercial, MIL spec, UL/CUL and CSA
wires and cables.

Look to BRIM for all of your wire and cable, tubing and sleeving requirements.