BRIM Electronics, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of a new series of shrinkable irradiated
polyolefin tubings: a 4:1 type with a meltable/adhesive inner liner, that shrinks down approximately
75% from it's expanded inner diameter. Shrinkage begins at 120°C.  The tubing has an operating
temperature range of -55°C to +135°C.  The resin used is a very flexible resin so that the tubing will still
be flexible with the addition of it's meltable inner liner.  When shrunk the tubing has a longitudional
change of only 10%.  The tubing is run per MIL-I-23053/4 Cl.3, in expanded sizes from 3/16" to 1 1/4" I.D.

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                      -- DUAL-WALLED -- MIL-I-23053/4

SH134 is very flexible yet it provides greater electrical, chemical, and abrasion resistance & greater
mechanical strength than that of shrinkable PVC tubing, plus an inner wall of meltable liner.  With it's
meltable inner/adhesive liner it not only insulates, it can also encapsulate giving a watertight fit.  
Won't crack or peel.  It's non-corrosive, has excellent resistance to soldering irons, oils, solvents, acids,
alkalis, fuels, hydraulic  fluids, and fungus, and it's flame retardant.   Shrink Ratio--4:1 (75%).  Shrinkage
begins when exposed to 120°C.  Longitudinal shrinkage: 10%.   Dielectric Strength: 400V/Mil min. 
Uses: Strain reliefs, jacketing material, component insulation, sealing and protecting wire splices,
breakouts or connectors-to-cable terminations. OPER. TEMP.: -55°C to +135°C.  
Meets MIL-I-23053/4, Class 3, UL VW-1, CSA OFT (jacket only), ASTM D638.

Min. Exp.
Rec. I.D.
SH134-3/16"     .158"    .039"   1.0  .035"   .020" 100'
SH134-5/16"     .315"    .079"   2.0  .035"   .020" 100'
SH134-1/2"     .472"    .118"   3.0  .051"   .024" 100'
SH134-3/4"     .630"    .157"   4.0  .063"   .030" 100'
SH134-1"     .945"    .236"   6.0  .083"   .031" 100'
SH134-1 1/4"   1.260"    .315"   6.0  .091"   .041" 100'

STD. COLOR: Black     Std.P-U: 4ft. lengths.
*Total wall thickness including liner, if full recovery allowed.
**Total wall thickness of liner only, if full recovery allowed.
++O.D. of closest equivalent wire.

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